Bagmati Clean-Up Mega Campaign To Continue Through Small Groups

The mega campaign of cleaning up Bagmati River is to be continued through small groups approach in view of the heightened risk of coronavirus transmission.

Bagmati clean-up campaign’s main catalyst and former chief secretary of the Nepal government, Leelamani Poudyal urged all the campaigners to make the 400th week of the campaign special.

He also called for the Kathmandu metropolis to take leadership for coordination in mobilizing small groups to continue the mega campaign keeping into consideration the risk of coronavirus infection while engaging big groups.

Project Chief of High-Powered Committee for the Integrated Development of Bagmati Civilization (HPCIDBC) Nawaraj Pyakurel had presented the progress status and existing challenges of Bagmati clean-up campaign. He said the committee would move ahead in a coordinated engagement of its stakeholders.

Committee’s executive chairperson Uddhav Prasad Timalsena called for cooperation from all sides in the campaign of cleansing Bagmati River. He further pledged his efforts to prevent unmanaged settlement along the Bagmati corridor, extend Bagmati sewerage management up to Chovar and provide compensation to the affected people.

The Bagmati clean-up mega campaign which kicked off on 19 May 2013 is entering into 400th week on coming 9 January 2021.

The river clean-up campaigns are being conducted in more than 106 areas of the country at once with the inspiration of the Bagmati clean-up mega campaign.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,