Bagmati Cleanup Campaign To Be Focused At Pashupati Area

The Bagmati cleanup mega campaign scheduled for coming March 6 and 13 is to be focused in the Pashupati area with a view to providing clean environment to religious visitors on the occasion of Mahashivaratri.
A meeting of the Bagmati cleanup mega campaign on Wednesday took the decision to focus its 408th and 409th weekly programme in Pashupati.
Cleanup campaigner Kishor Singh Shahi told RSS that the sanitation campaign will be placed at Pashupati area on two Saturdays, one before and another after the Mahashivarattri, in view of big inflow of revelers from home and abroad on the occasion.
Both the cleanup programme will begin from Suryaghat of Pashupati area to the Aryaghat dam.
Former chief secretary of the Nepal government Leelamani Poudyal was also present in the meeting.

Source : RSS,