Bagmati Province Brings Development Programmes For Economic Prosperity

Bagmati Province has brought various development programmes with the aim of developing and protecting industries for economic prosperity.

Investments worth Rs 24.18 billion have been injected into small and cottage industries in the province last year, according to data with the Small and Cottage Industries Office under the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment of the province. Approximately 2,395 new entrepreneurs have ventured out into the business.

In the past three years, the total 140,295 small and cottage industries and 12,323 new commercial firms have been registered, said the Ministry’s information officer Nawaraj Pudasaini. Under the programme that targets unemployed youths and the workforce that have returned from a foreign employment, 1029 technologies have been handed over, he said. The theme for the programme is ‘labour of entrepreneurs, support of province government’.

He shared that 1,029 technology transfers have been achieved under the programme. Five cooperative facilities and 21 market home and multi-agri products centres have been set up.

Similarly, under the ‘One Election Constituency- One Industrial Village’ programme, the process of constructing industrial village has been started in five places and the environmental study has been completed at 10 places for this purpose.

Construction of a Province Industrial Estate has been started at Hariharpurgadhi of Sindhuli district. The industrial area is spread in 3,600 ropanis land.

The Ministry has also constructed 45 important trekking routes in various districts of the province.

Source : RSS,