Bagmati Province CM Shakya Expands Her Cabinet

Chief Minister of Bagmati Province Astalaxmi Shakya has expanded the provincial Council of Ministers inducting five new ministers and four state minister and thus making the provincial Cabinet an 11-member one.

Although the Chief Minister is already in the minority as her party has lost majority with the split of her party CPN (UML) and formation of the splinter-party the CPN (Unified Socialist), she expanded the Cabinet on Wednesday.

Bagmati Province Chief Yadav Chandra Sharma appointed the ministers on the CM’s recommendation and administered the oath of office and secrecy.

CM Shakya had formed a three-member Cabinet on August 18 when she was appointed to the post. Afterward, Social Development Minister of the Province Krishna Prasad Sharma had resigned from the post and her Cabinet had been only 2-member one.

Source : TRN,