Bagmati Province Government Fails To Do Enough Works In Lack Of Adjustment Of Police

Chief Minister of Bagmati Province, Dormani Poudel, has said that the Bagmati province government has not been able to carry out enough works to meet the needs of police organisation due to the ‘incomplete’ adjustment of police.

Chief Minister Poudel said so while addressing the workshop on ‘Work Execution Review and Upcoming Strategy Determination’ jointly organised by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law of Bagmati province and Bagmati Province Police Office, today.

He added that construction of 46 buildings along with the province police headquarters were completed with support of Bagmati province government during last fiscal year and 21 building are under construction in current fiscal year.

The Chief Minister mentioned that the province government would not leave any stone unturned for the development of police organisation and its structure.

Similarly, Chief of Bagmati Province Police Office, Deputy Inspector General, Basanta Kumar Lama, shared that he has become successful to make activities of police more effective due to work execution seminar held in the month of June, 2020.

Source : RSS,