Bagmati Province spends over Rs 11.1 billion budget in six months

The Bagmati provincial government has spent over Rs11.1 billion of the total budget set aside for the province in the six months of the current fiscal year, 2022/23.

The figure is an increment as compared to Rs 8 billion spent in the previous FY, 2021/22. The expenditure is 15.78 per cent more than Rs 70.9 billion allocated for the province in the current FY, according to the Office of the Province Accounts Control, Hetauda.

During the same period, the government collected over Rs 16.1 billion in revenue under various headings, a 29 per cent drop from Rs 23 billion collected during the same period in the previous FY.

The main income sources of the provincial government are fees from land and house registrations, vehicles, value-added tax, fees from public service examinations, agricultural farms, administrative fines and arrears recovery, according to the Office.

Of the total expenditures, more than Rs 6.2 billion is under current expenditure, and over Rs, 4.3 billion is under capital. (RSS)