Bagmati Working On Employee Management

The Bagmati provincial government has begun the work of employee management, after lack of employees affected its performance. Accordingly, the government has endorsed the employee organization and management survey, said chief secretary of the provincial council of ministers Dr Man Bahadur BK.

The survey has outlined the need for a total of 3,766 permanent posts and 283 temporary posts in various ministries, agencies and offices. Accordingly, the government has sought fulfillment of the vacant posts through the provincial public service commission.

Furthermore, all ministries, agencies and offices under the Bagmati province have been asked to send the details of their staffers and vacant posts to the Commission. Based on the reporting from the respective offices, the Commission will announce vacancies and employees will be managed thereafter, said Dr BK.

Lack of essential staff, as well as absence of clarity in the regulations, systemic budget expenditure system are creating hurdles in the regular functioning of the province.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,