Bailey Bridge Installed At Galphagad On Karnali Corridor Highway

A Bailey Bridge has been constructed over the Galphagad stream on the Karnali Corridor highway in Adanchuli rural municipality of Humla district. The work of installing the bridge had been stalled for long due to the COVID-19.

The Nepali Army, which is constructing the highway, installed the bridge last Friday. It is said although the bridge is built, vehicles will not be operating on this section of the highway immediately as the construction of ramp on both ends of the bridge has not been completed yet. It will take around two weeks to a month to construct the ramp, said Milan Karki, project chief of the Nepali Army’s Road Construction Brigade.

With the construction of the Bailey bridge at Galphagad, travel to Sarkegad rural municipality, to Tumcha Balukuna and to Mugu district has become easier.

Karki said that the Army has completed 90 percent of the construction of the Humla section of the Karnali Corridor Highway. The Karnali Corridor highway is a national pride project and the Army has been entrusted with the responsibility of its construction.

According to him, the Army is carrying out the construction of the highway at war-footing with the goal of opening it for vehicular traffic by mid-April next year.

Source : RSS,