Baitadi Women Begin Community Potato Farming

Women of Baitadi have started group potato farming in 53 ropanis of barren land on the bank of the Mahakali River. They have planted four quintals of potato seeds in the land.

A total of 33 women from Panchakoti Women Group of Dasarathchand Municipality-19, Tirkhadeni started potato farming after the irrigation facility reached the district from the Mahakali River via a lifting system.

Farmer Shanti Budal said that they had targeted to grow 480 quintals of potatoes from the potato farm.

Budal said, “A team of technical personnel has been helping us with the procedure of potato farming. Until now, we were compelled to procure vegetables from India. Now that the water of Mahakali has reached the village, we are committed to being self-reliant in vegetables.”

The irrigation facility was brought to the district in the joint effort of Oxfam Nepal and Rural Development and Environment Society (RUDES) Baitadi in coordination with Dasarathchand Municipality

Source : TRN,