Bajrayogini Festival From Today

The Bajrayogini festival, a significant festival of Sankhu, Shankharapur Municipality, is set to kick off from Tuesday.
On Tuesday, devotees will visit Bajrayogini Temple, located at the top of a hill situated some two kilometers away from the Sankhu city. The idol of the goddess Bajrayogini will then be kept at a palanquin before bringing it to the city with fanfare.
Mayor of Shankharapur Municipality, Subarna Shrestha, said that the eight-day-long festival would be celebrated in a simple manner without making crowds and fully complying with the health safety protocols.
Prakash Shrestha, a cultural expert, said that specialty of this festival was that the festival was not just celebrated by Newar community but also by Tamang community living nearby. The famous Tantrik temple is also known as Bodhisattva temple. The beginning of the festival is believed to be in the year 1818 (Kaligat Sambat).
Late King Shanka Dev and the priest of the temple, Jog Dev Bajracharrya, are believed to have started the festival, which begins from the Chaite Purnima.