Ballot boxes to be carried on foot for three days for vote counting in Taplejung

The ballot boxes of the polling that took place at Yang in Phaktanglung rural municipality-7 in Taplejung district will reach the vote-counting centre in three days due to the geographic remoteness of the polling centre, according to the District Election Officer.

Although the helicopter would be mobilised to ferry the ballot boxes to the vote-counting centre, the boxes could not be flown due to the adverse weather.

The boxes carrying ballot papers cast by 14 of 60 voters in this remote settlement are being carried by humans.

Plain Dulal, Information officer at the District Election Office, Taplejung shared that Yang, Olangchukgola, Ghunsa and Gyapla were four polling stations in the remote area of the district.

Ballot boxes from three other polling stations would reach the vote-counting place tonight while Yang’s ballot boxes will reach on Sunday, shared Dulal.

Yang, a village at 4,200 metres above sea level, has 11 households in total, mostly Sherpas.

Among them, 60 were enlisted in the voter list while 14 (10 male and 4 female) cast their vote in the local election held on May 13, added Dulal. (RSS),