Bam Dev assures $5,000 per capita income

  • November 7, 2019

Senior leader of ruling Nepal Communist Party Bam Dev Gautam has claimed that the per capita income of Nepali citizens will be $5,000 within three years from now.

Addressing a press conference after registering the candidacy of DP Dhakal for the upcoming by-election in Bhaktapur district, leader Gautam said that the citizens’ per capita income will increase up to $5,000 by the time the Oli-led government’s tenure is completed.

At present, the per capita income of a Nepali citizen stands at $1,200, three times lower than the aspired range.

Gautam has assured that after two years of developing new laws and laying the foundation for development, the incumbent government will now work towards materializing the government’s slogan of “Prosperous Nepal Happy Nepalis”. He added that new development projects launched by the NCP-led government will yield the income to gain the promised amount within three years.