Bandipur To Be Developed As A Pocket Area For Goat-Keeping

Preparation is made to develop the Bandipur rural municiplaity-1 as a pocket area for goat farming.

The rural municipality has come up with this idea to ensure self-sufficiency in meat.

Budget Rs 1.5 million has been allocated for the development of pocket area under the Prime Minister Agriculture Project, informed ward chairperson Bhanubhakta Pokharel.

He further shared that programme procedure has been taken ahead after the rural municipality chose the ward for developing it as a pocket area for goat.

The ward has already conducted some exposure visits to goat farms operational in different areas, he added.

Bandipur rural municipality’s chief administrative officer Mahesh Subedi, Livestock Section chief Madhubilas Neupane and goat farmers had visited several farms operational in different areas.

The budget allocated for goat pocket area would be provided to Hariyali Farmers’ Group of the ward, he said.

Source : RSS,