Beni-Jomsom Road Yet To Come Into Operation

Direct transportation from Beni to Mustang is yet to resume even though the Rupse road section of the Beni-Jomsom-Korola road was cleared for traffic.    
Flood water from the Rupse falls had damaged some 200 meters of the road section on September 16. The section was hence cleared for traffic. But the landslide debris in Kavre and Ghopte ares are yet to be cleared, said the Beni-Jomsom-Korola Road Project.     
As a result, apples ready to be exported from Mustang remain stranded. The farmers have harvested apples and are looking forward to selling them. However, large trucks headed towards Mustang to ferry the apples are stranded in the roadway.    
The 76 kilometer Beni-Jomsom road that links Mustang to the national highway remains obstructed every year during the monsoon.

Source: RSS, Photo: RSS,