Beware Of Cheats, DoFE Tells Migrant Workers

The Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) has urged aspiring migrant workers to Israel to be vigilant about the increasing fraud using social media, citing that the Department was itself sending workers to Israel.
Issuing a press statement on Wednesday, the Department said that no private sector, manpower companies, consultancies, agencies and individuals are allowed to involve in the selection process of Nepali workers to be sent to the Israeli care centres. According to the department, the cheaters were found to be collecting money from the applicants by using social media with a false claim that they had reached an agreement with the government of Nepal to send workers to Israel.
It has also clarified that no agreement was signed with any private organisation for the selection of co-workers and no permission has been given. The DoFE has requested the aspiring workers not to hand over the passport and any documents to unauthirised persons.

Interested Nepalis who have qualifications to work at the long-term care centres in Israel can apply online following the information given by the Department. It has also clarified that the selection process will be in accordance with the agreement reached between the government of Nepal and the government of Israel.
Earlier, the government of Nepal and Israel had signed a protocol to implement the agreement to recruit Nepali workers in Israel’s special labour market sector on January 21, 2021. The agreement was signed in September 2020.

In the selection process, the candidates selected from the English language test will be called for interview and after the selection through the interview, the names will be included in the roster and the workers will be sent to Israel for selection. The Department has said the worker selection process will be completely fair.
The DoFE has issued a notice from July 27 inviting online application within 21 days from qualified and willing Nepalis to go to Israel. A total of 1,000 workers have been demanded for employment. Of them, 70 per cent positions are for women and 30 per cent for men.
Initially, the working period is one-year contract. After that, the contract period will be extended up to five years.
The estimated cost for a worker going to Israel is Rs. 165,700, including plane ticket and other documentation required for migrant workers. 

Source : TRN,