Bhaktapur Records 69 COVID-19 Deaths, 5,596 Infection Cases

Bhaktapur district has recorded 69 deaths from COVID-19 infection and 5,596 infection cases. The infected people included 3,175 men and 2,421 women.

On Wednesday and Thursday alone, five people lost their lives to the virus. Death rate from the virus in Bhaktapur has been more than double of the rate in entire Nepal, said Krishna Mijar, chief of the health office, Bhaktapur.

Bhaktapur has recorded 1.23 death rate from the virus as of Thursday against 0.6 per cent in the entire country, he said. As of Thursday, 3,699 infected people in the district got over the infection, which is 67.33 per cent recovery rate, he said. There are a total of 1,828 active infection cases in the district.

Of the infected, 353 are at hospital isolation and 1,747 at home-isolation, he said.

Source : RSS,