‘Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train’ arriving Janakpur on Thursday

The ‘Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train’ carrying Indian tourists on board is arriving in Janakpurdham on June 23 (Thursday).

The rail that flagged off the Indian capital New Delhi on Tuesday evening will arrive in Janakpurdham tomorrow, informed the general manager of Nepal Railway Company, Niranjan Kumar Jha.

The train that is to be operated along the Ramayana Circuit will connect popular religious destinations of India, including Ayodhya, Nandigram, Sitamadhi, Banaras, Prayagraj, Chitrakut, Panchawati, Nasik, Hampi, Rameswaram and Bhadrachalam of India with a religious zone in Janakpur of Nepal, Jha shared.

In coordination with Indian Embassy, around 500 Indian tourists are traveling to Janakpurdham on the train and are set to visit several religious destinations in Janakpurdham.

According to the Indian Embassy, each compartment of the train reflects glimpses of Indian art, culture, traditions, and heritages including monuments, dance, food items, attire, festival, flora and fauna, yoga, and folk arts. (RSS),