Bheri Hospital Installs 20,000-Litre Oxygen Tank

Bheri Hospital at Nepalgunj has installed a liquid oxygen tank, which can store 20,000 litres of oxygen, at the hospital premises with a view to preventing the shortage of oxygen.

The oxygen tank was established as the hospital had been overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients since the beginning of the second wave in Nepal.

Pramod Dhital, Chairman of the Hospital Development Committee, said, “Majority of the virus-infected patients visiting the hospital require oxygen support. As the hospital had been facing a shortage of oxygen due to the surging number of infection, we installed the oxygen tank in order to permanently solve the problem.”

Dhital said that the hospital did not have an oxygen plant of its own previously.

Dr. Prakash Thapa, chief of the Bheri Hospital, said that the treatment of infected patients would be a lot easier due to the availability of enough oxygen at the hospital premises.

As the import of oxygen from India has been halted, Bheri Hospital said that treatment of virus-infected patients would be trouble-free if the government would make efforts in resuming the import of oxygen from India.