‘Bibeksheel-Sajha’ Sees Merger Again

The ‘Bibeksheel-Sajha’ party has come to a merger again with a pronouncement of forming an alternative political force after a couple of years since its disintegration.

Bibeksheel Party was disassociated from Sajha party citing discontent in December 2018. The party merger was declared amidst a function today.

On the occasion, leaders of the integrated party had made apologetic remarks for inadvertently practicing separation last time. The integrated party has been named the ‘Bibeksheel-Sajha’ party.

Rabindra Mishra has been designated the chairperson and Milan Pandey the coordinator of the merged party. The executive power lies in both the leaders, it was informed.

The merged party has 130 members (60 from each party) in the central committee and 26 members (13 from each) in the secretariat.

The first meeting of the central committee will nominate secretariat members. The party will be headquartered in Lalitpur. The logo and election symbol of the party will be ‘Balance (Taraju).

Source : RSS,