Bipul Chettri Releases New Music Video

It was the year of 2012 when Bipul Chettri first released his contagious massive tune ‘Wildfire’ on SoundCloud, an online music sharing website. The streams on the track started spreading around rapidly and everyone was in awe with the brilliant new artistic realm this particular tune fortified. With an effortless charm in its melody, the track exploded out from SoundCloud into everyone’s playlist and Bipul Chettri became the star we all adore so dearly today. 

Two albums, six singles and an EP later, he is one of the most well-established names of the Nepali music fraternity. 
The fresh music video release for ‘Katai Uslai’ from his latest EP Samaya was premiered on September 24, 2021. The track kicks off with some allegro guitar plucking works based on a melancholic progression leading into the vocals. Phrases thus develop further as the story unfolds with every new stanza of the tune. 

Written, composed and arranged by Bipul Chettri, he is also credited as the producer, the acoustic guitar and harmonica player for the song. 
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Anindo Bose, the singer’s long-time collaborator, at Plug ‘N’ Play Studios, New Delhi, the credits are further given to Nima D.T. Namchu on liner notes and Sonam Tashi on executive production.

The video is written and directed by Hitesh Thakuri (AUM) and produced by Sakrita Rajthala. Similarly, Shayuj Pokhrel and Jenish Maharjan are on cinematography; Aman Maharjan and Sonam Tashi as project supervisors; Jenish Maharjan on editing; Rishan Maharjan on colouring; Bijay Sigdel as the production manager; Abhinash Thapa and Pankaz Mahara as production assistants; Rojina Majhi on hair and make-up; Suraj Silwal and Bikram Jirel as gaffers; and Pankaz Mahar on BTS duties. 

The singer-songwriter explains the song as a yearning for closure, forgiveness and absolution of a person who desires to revisit their past to amend things on a right note. However, everyone else seems to move on from those incidents or moments, everyone except the protagonist who still clings on to the same memories. Thus, the video initiates with a plea to move on and let go of life as it is and a bunch of what could have been.  

While the tune solely may come through as a tragic love song as at points the narrator describes more specific emotions that can be associated with a romantic relationship. But the video creates a different take on things and expands the tragedy to the pressure of self-growth, the fear of mortality, the burden of being a single parent, the constant hustle for survival, and the suffering that comes with life in every form. 
This message was very well-received by the audience who sang praises of both the singer and the video production team on the comment section of the release. And only a week after its release the song has already crossed 480,000 views on the official Bipul Chettri YouTube channel. 

Source : TRN,