Bird Flu Seen At Tarkeshwor Municipality Comes Under Control

Bird flu seen at Tarkeshwor municipality of Kathmandu has come under control. The bird flu was seen on turkey and duck reared by a local farmer of Sanglekhola of Tarkeshwor municipality-7.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, high-alertness was adopted not to let spread the bird flu and it has now come under control.

Spokesperson at the Ministry, Dr Shreeram Ghimire said that the area where the bird flu was detected was made safe by killing the livestock of the surrounding areas.

He added, “We have been inspecting the area by sealing it. No more bird flu was detected at the area.” Around 2,300 fowls were killed at the area after the confirmation of bird flu. A total of 1,865 ducks, 32 chicken, 25 turkeys, 542 eggs and 75 kg poultry feed were destroyed.

According to the Department of Livestock Service, bodies related with livestock service of federation, province and local levels were mobilized not to let spread the bird flu in other areas. Information Officer of the Department, Dr Chandra Dhakal, said that necessary activities like regular monitoring, testing suspicious samples and study are underway.

The Department has urged to receive veterinary certificate mandatory after getting health check-up in course of transporting poultry products, to adopt biological safety measures in the farm premises, to disinfect farm premises regularly and to pay special attention on person hygiene as well as to inform bodies concerned if the fowls fall ill or die unnaturally.

Before this, the Department has sealed off the border point adopting high-alert in Tarai area with the confirmation of bird flu at some states of India.

Source : RSS,