Bire waterfall lures growing number of local tourists

Bire waterfall near Martadi, headquarters of Bajura district, has become center of attraction among local tourists.

People who were compelled to confine themselves within four walls of the house due to the COVID-19 pandemic for more than two years are now enjoying at the Bire waterfall.

The mesmerizing 200-meter tall waterfall is located in the middle of Ward No. 6 and 8 of Badimalika Municipality.

The waterfall is growing popular among the locals, which is also a hidden gem for many outsiders. The municipality has claimed that it is the highest waterfall in Bajura. As per the human index, Bajura stands at 74th place but in terms of the touristic area, it stands first in Sudhurpaschim Province.

Badimalika, Budinanda, Kalajarga, Khaptad Chhededaha, and Wadalekh including other places are popular tourist destinations of the district.

Bire waterfall is a gift from nature and is drawing hordes of people. In order to conserve the waterfall area the municipality has constructed a bridge due to which the flow of internal tourists has increased day by day, said Kala Baduwal, ward chair of Ward No. 6 of the municipality.

“The natural waterfall in the periphery of Martadi, mesmerizes the guests entering the district,” said Baduwal.

One can reach the waterfall after 6km walk from Mardi. The tourism sector, which was down for more than two years due to COVID-19, has now slowly gaining momentum in the district.

The vendors are now happy to see the costumers in the periphery of the waterfall. Locals are elated to see the flow of tourists at their place. The waterfall has become a source of income for many locals.

“If we can promote and conserve this area on time, it could be a good source of income,” said Baduwal. The municipality has started to conserve and promote the waterfall area.

Despite having importance of the waterfall it has not received due attention, said Prakash Bahadur Rawal, ward chair of Ward No. 8 of the municipality.

Though nobody is concerned about the promotion and protection of the waterfall, the municipality will take steps towards its protection, said

Padam Baduwal, mayor of the municipality.

“The municipality will work enthusiastically to manage the tourist

attraction endowed by nature,” said Baduwal.

Source : TRN,