Biska Jatra To Begin Today

Biska Jatra, the eight-night-and-nine-day-long festival, is kicking off from Saturday by pulling the chariots of Lord Bhairavnath and Goddess Bhadrakali, in Bhaktapur.
Bhaktapur Municipality has issued a public notice, including a schedule concerning chariot pulling time, its routes, worshiping time and other rituals performing time.
It has also asked all people to follow the precautionary measures strictly in light of rising COVID-19 cases and to celebrate the festival in a peaceful and civilised manner.
As per the schedule, the chariot pulling starts at 2:00 pm on Saturday from Taumadi by bringing it to Ga:hiti, the abode of the chariots.
Sunil Prajapati, Mayor of Bhaktapur Municipality, said that the length of the routes had been shortened in an attempt to control the crowd.
The erection of pole is slated for 10:00 pm at Bhelukhel. The chariot pulling will pass from Ga:hiti to Bhelukhel.
Several worshipping rituals by Guthi Sansthan and preparation for erecting the pole will happen on the same day.
On the Nepali New Year day, locals will offer their prayers to the Bhairavnath and Indrayani. The pole will be pulled down after offering prayer at 5:00 pm.
On April 18, the last day, Guthi Santhan will worship the deities at 12:00 pm, before handing over the sword to the priest of Taleju Temple at 2:00 pm.
The chariots will then be taken to several parts of the district until the programme formally ends at 5:00 pm.