Black Fungus’s Medicine Arriving In Nepal From Bangladesh Tomorrow

The Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited of Bangladesh will deliver the first installment of amphotericin B, medicine for Black Fungus, to Nepal tomorrow via land route.

According to the Department of Drug Administration, approximately 8000 vials of amphotericin B will be arriving in various installments in Nepal from tomorrow.

Santosh KC, Pharmacy Officer at the department said that Nepal has been always stockpiling the amphotericin B, delivered by India; however, it banned its import owing to the surging cases of Black Fungus.

As a result, Nepal has to turn to Bangladesh for medicine as cases of Black Fungus have been emerging in Nepal as well. For that, Nepal has consulted two-three companies for medicine. Of them, Beacon is delivering amphotericin B tomorrow via land route.

He said, “Because of the emergence of Black Fungus infection in the country the requirement of amphotericin B has accelerated. So, we are planning to stock the medicine for emergency purposes.”

In Nepal, Prime Pharmaceuticals has shouldered the responsibility for the distribution of medicines.  Hospitals treating COVID-19 infected patients will receive amphotericin B under priority. 

According to Dr. Sanjeev Bhattarai, assistant professor at the TU Teaching Hospital, Black Fungus, a mucormycosis infection, is found on air, land; and dead and decaying trees and edibles grow like fungus.

In normal conditions, it does not attack people. Black fungus is an opportunistic fungus, people that are immunocompromised because of infection and diseases are easily attacked by fungus and bacteria than in normal health conditions. Because of the COVID-19 infection, immune power is suppressed as a result black fungus have been easily attacking the patients.