Book On NCP Chairman Prachanda’s Views Made Public

The interviews given to various media by Executive Chairman of NCP Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachana’ has been compiled as a book and made public on Friday. The interviews were given in the last three years.

The book published by Pragya Memorial Foundation Nepal is titled Naya Rajnitik Bisleshan (New Political Analyses). The book is helpful to understand the contemporary political events and developments.

It is believed that the book would be a useful resource for researchers, students of political science and sociologists as well. The interviews touch upon various political events as comprehensive peace accord, interim constitution, elections to Constituent Assembly, abolition to monarchy, announcement of republic, integration of Maoist combatants, promulgation of the constitution of federal democratic republic of Nepal.

The book has 408 pages. It costs Rs 550.

Source : RSS,