‘BP Koirala’s Vision Has Not Been Materialized Yet’

Nepali Congress (NC) general secretary Dr Shashanka Koirala has said the vision set by the veteran leader of Nepal’s democratic movement, Bisweswor Prasad Koirala, has yet to be materialized in the country.

In a message today on the occasion of the 108th birth anniversary of people’s leader BP Koirala, NC General Secretary Dr Koirala said it has to be a subject of serious review as to why BP’s political roadmap of nationality, democracy and socialism has not been translated into actions.

Dr Koirala said it would be a true tribute to BP Koirala only when ‘Happy and Prosperous Nepal’ can be built by bringing the country’s politics to the right speed.

“Our party Nepali Congress should be taken ahead to the path of improved democratic practice by consolidating our unity and mutual trust. We should make our shared commitment to translating this when the 14th general convention of the party has already started and we are commemorating BP Koirala on his birth anniversary”, he added.

Source : RSS,