Breathtaking Photos Of Khumbu Region

The restrictions for the mountaineering activities have been lifted now. Due to the middle east Arabian Sea-based severe cyclonic storm, Tauktae, and symptoms of COVID-19 in some mountainers the government had restricted all the mountaineering activities for a few days.

With the ban lifting, more than 100 climbers have succeeded to conquer Mt Everest on Sunday. After the withdraw of the cyclonic storm Tauktae’s effect the weather of Everest base camp is become fine. 

Contact Officer at the Everest base camp Khim Lal Gautam said that a huge number of climbers become successful to conquer Mt Everest. 

It has been said that 408 climbers have been granted permission for climbing Mt Everest from 44 mountaineering teams this year and the number is the highest in the history of mountaineering. 

Source : THE RISING NEPAL, Photo : TRN,