Budhiganga Municipality Gets Power Connection

Budhiganga Municipality in Bajura district has been illuminated after the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) expanded national transmission line in the municipality, bringing happiness to the local people.

Now Bahunbada, Seralabada and Basali of then Brahmatola village development committee-7 have electricity facility.

Fifty two families at Budhiganga-3 have availed power supply, said ward chair Khadak Adhikari.

NEA has a plan to expand electricity to all nine local levels of the district, said Mahesh Chandra Bhatta, chief of the distribution section, Bajura of the NEA.

However, more than half population in the district has not got the electricity yet, according to available data.

“We had been in the dark for ages. Now we are happy because we can use electricity in various ways,” said a local. Of 14 settlements at the ward, only two settlements have been connected with power supply, said ward member Kallane Damai.

He demanded power supply to other settlements as well. Other settlements would have electricity supply when transformers are set up, said Shankar Swar, information officer at the NEA branch office.

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