Bulbule Taal To Be Expanded

Surkhet’s iconic pond and major touristic spot, Bulbule Taal, is set for expansion. The Surkhet Valley Town Development Committee has prepared a master plan for this purpose.

The Greater Bulbule Area Expansion Project has been implemented as per this master plan at joint investment of the federal and the province government. The Directorate of Forests under the Province Government proceeded with construction of the structures in the Bulbule area since fiscal year 2019/20. So far Rs 20 million has been spent for the pond expansion.

The plan is to expand the pond’s area to 28,500 metres square from its present 12,000 metres square, said Gokarna Thapa, Engineer at the Federal Project Implementation Unit Surkhet, which is providing technical support to the project.

According to him, construction of path and embankment on the banks of Itram rivulet that flows through Bulbule area as well as expansion of the pond has been completed. He added that a suspension bridge would be constructed over the rivulet this year. This will make travel easier towards the picnic spot on the other side.

The expanded lake is not filled to the full due to the seepage problem.

“The lake is not filled fully due to the problem of leakage. We are studying the cause of this. The problem of leakage would be sorted out this year,” Thapa said, adding that 10 picnic spots and a bathroom would be constructed this year. The garden too would be made systematic and beautified.

Bulbule that sprawls on 31.5 bighas area is one of the main touristic places in the whole of Karnali province.

It is a must-see site of visitors coming to Surkhet. The number of visitors is high during holidays. It is said 300 visitors on an average visit Bulbule daily.

Bulbule area is being managed by the government since 1972. Along with the Province Government, the federal government and the Birendranagar Municipality have also partnered in the development and expansion of Bulbule.

“Bulbule is the main identity of Surkhet and we are further developing this area into an attractive touristic site,” Surkhet Mayor Dev Kumar Subedi said. He shared that all the structures in the area would be constructed according to the master plan.

The main attraction of the Bulbule lake are the natural water springs and the artistic water spouts and the park. The Municipality plans to operate boats after the expansion of the pond.

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