Bushfire At Multiple Places Reported For Over A Month, Bodies Concerned Remain Silent

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With the onset of dry and windy season, forest fires have started taking place in the district.

Locals said that bushfires have been taking place at Chure area, Sagarnath forest development project, Phooljor Baba partnership forest and other community forests of the district for the past few days continuously.

None of the bodies are found showing any interest to douse the forest fire. Dozens of human settlements located at Chure are at the risk due to bushfire.

Chandra Bahadur Tamang of Lalbandi municipality-14 said that the bushfire takes place at Chure area every year in this time.

Though locals themselves douse the fire near their settlements, no one has shown any interest to put out the fire spread in jungles, added Tamang.

Forest and wildlife experts have expressed concern over the loss of wildlife as well as the serious impact on the environment, even though it seems normal because the occurrence of bushfires is a regular phenomenon in this season every year.

Chief at the Division Forest Office, Sarlahi, Madhav Prasad Dev, said that it was not possible to put out the forest fire only by the forest employees.

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