Business Community Hails Budget

Leaders of the business community have hailed the new budget unveiled by Finance Minister Bishnu Paudel on Saturday, stating that the government has addressed many of their concerns this time.
They have also termed the budget as investment-friendly. They said their suggestions were incorporated and they were optimistic about the effective implementation of the budget.
Satish Kumar More, chairman CNI, said that the government has managed to present the full-size budget despite facing a sort of uneasiness because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the political situation.
“I am very much happy with the budget draft because the government has shown its seriousness about our issues and addressed our suggestions in the budget document,” he said.
Firstly, getting a complete budget document instead of a partly budget, which was also possible to appear, was the best aspect of this budget, he said.
“Secondly, the government is seen visionary in its budget, as it has provided space for the investors and made arrangement of self-employment to our educated youth. Heavy tax discount on the import of the electronic vehicles is another important point to mention because it opens the opportunity of export too,” he said.
However drafting a good document is not enough, he said, adding that implementation of the budget was key point to prove whether the budget was good or bad at the end of the year.
Shekher Golchha, chairman FNCCI, said that the budget of the next year came in a balanced manner when the country was passing through a critical time because of COVID-19 pandemic.
“No one can present a better budget than this in this critical time,” he said.
“The government has honestly included our suggestions in the document, and we, the people of private sector, are happy with the government for this. We cannot expect much from the government because we are now in the most difficult time of our life.”
He said the outcomes would depend on the implementation of the programmes included in the budget.
Better documents appeared time and again but we have poor public delivery and it’s the bitter part of the past budgets, he added.   
Likewise, Chandra Dhakal, senior vice president FNCCI, hailed the new budget as a good one.
He said the government has addressed most of the issues of the private sector in the budget.
“I am optimistic about the successful implementation of the budget,” he said. He, however, said that implementation of the budget was challenging as there had been bitter experiences regarding the execution of the past budget and policy documents.
“Let’s hope, it will be implemented seriously as a better document was unveiled amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. I have found the document to be good because it has also addressed the problem of hospitality industry, tourism sector and other areas of businesses,” Dhakal said.