Business Firms Being Run Without Registration In Humla

Most of the hotels and other businesses in district headquarters of Humla are found operated without their registration in the concerned agencies.

In a market monitoring job conducted on Sunday in Simkot area, most of the businesses were found to have operated sans legal documents.

Chief of Food Technology and Quality Control Division Office in Surkhet Bhesh Bahadur Thapa said that hotels, groceries and fresh houses in the Simkot bazaar area are doing their business without officially getting registered.

Thapa said that such business firms are asked to get registered adding that they would be sealed off if they failed comply with the legal procedures.

Thapa said that the number of unregistered firms could go up if more other businesses are monitored.

Likewise, even the shops with registration documents lack PAN number.

After the monitoring, some date expired drinks, junk foods and other products were destroyed.

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