Byas Municipality To Feature 108-Feet Tall Idol Of Veda Byas

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation is partnering with a local government to build a 108-feet tall statue of Veda Byas at Byas Municipality in Damauli. The project also includes the construction of other related structure aims to promote the local tourism.

Sage Veda Byas is considered the traditional writer of the Mahabharat and the name of local government Byas Municipality is after him.

The Ministry, in accordance with the Partnership (Operation and Management) Guidelines, has allocated Rs 45.5 million to undertake the project under the Touristic Destination Infrastructure Development Programme.

The respective local government is to bear the cost of Rs 24.5 million. The Byas Municipality is has already allocated Rs 15. 5 million for the project implementation.

Byas Area Shiva Panchayan Development Trust chair Ashok Kumar Srestha underlined the need of implementing the project soon. The Trust sometimes ago had collected Rs 34.48 million by organizing Mahayagya, a religious event for the project.

Source : RSS,