Byas Municipality To Organise Half-Marathon On March 8

Byas Municipality, which has been organising ultra-marathon since the last four years, is to organise women’s half-marathon for the first time. The half-marathon will be held on March 8 on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.    

The half-marathon will be run from local Byasgupha to Tanahunsur, Mayor Baikuntha Neupane said. According to Mayor Neupane the objective of organising the half-marathon is to connect the religious site Byasgupha and the historical site Tanahunsur by means of sports. The event which was planned for last year had been suspended due to the COVID-19.    

The athlete coming out first in the half-marathon will bag Rs 41 thousand 77, the athlete coming out in second position would get Rs 31 thousand 77 and the athlete finishing the race in third position would get Rs 21 thousand 77. Similarly, five athletes will get consolation prize of Rs 11 thousand 77 each.   

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