CAAN Request Its Employees To Postpone Protest Programme

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has requested different unions of employees affiliated to (CAAN) to postpone their agitation programme.

The employees’ unions, general employees have been launching agitation, protesting the decision of splitting CAAN into an air service provider and a regulatory body.

Saying discussion could be held as the bill related to the split of CAAN is now at the parliamentary committee, the CAAN has urged the agitating side to postpone the ongoing protest programme.

It said that it is not the right time to organise protest programmes padlocking the office at a time when parliament session has come to an end as the employees’ unions would get the opportunity to put forth their views regarding the matter of concern of the employees during the discussion over the bill at the concerned committee under the House of Representatives.

The CANN shared that problem has surfaced in essential work of the air service companies and other stakeholders related to CAAN due to padlocking at the secretariat of the Director-General.

Two bills ‘Nepal Air Service Authority Bill-2076’ and ‘Nepal Civil Aviation Authority Bill-2076’ were tabled at the Federal Parliament. The National Assembly passed both bills on August 2 and sent them to the HoR.

The employees’ unions have been launching protest programmes from August 9 against the decision. Similarly, the employees have also padlocked the secretariat of the Director-General from August 12.

Source : RSS,