Cable Car Access To Maulakalika Soon

The Maulakalika temple at Gaindakot in eastern Nawalparasi, a famous religious site of the country, will be linked with a cable car within a year.

Formal work for this project has begun from Monday by cutting down trees for the construction of the cable car.

The programme began in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.The boarding station will be constructed at Dharapani of Gaindakot Municipality-1 and the getting off station will be near the temple site.

The length of the cable car with two stations will be 1,200 metres. Gokul Saud, project manager of the Maulakalika Cable Car Construction Company, said that the cable car with six towers would have 12 gondola and each gondola would accommodate eight people at one time. It will have the capacity to carry 6,000 passengers daily.

“We will be able to work in one year as we don’t have to build many structures,” Saud said. It is said that only cable car stations will be built at a total cost of Rs. 2 billion with 51 per cent investment from company and 49 per cent from the locals.

“We have also sought investment of the general public to build ownership of the project among the locals,” said Saud. The company is owned by Chandra Dhakal, senior vice-president of the Federation of Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mayor Chhatra Raj Poudel said that it would increase the locals’ ownership of the project as they would also share the cost.