Calibration Flight Completes At Gautam Buddha Airport

Mechanical test flight (calibration flight) started at Gautam Buddha International Airport on February 18 has ended.
The mechanical test flight was carried out by a special aircraft of Aero Thai brought from Thailand.

Flight calibration is done to check the navigation system and ensure radar systems are working to ensure an aircraft passes an inspection and its equipment is up to date.
In that process, tests have been done on the distance of the aircraft, the route used by the aircraft, the lights installed at the runway during take-off and landing.
General Manager of Gautam Buddha International Airport Govinda Prasad Dahal said that a technical team comprising a Thai pilot flew a mechanical flight for nine days and inspected the communications equipment.

The preliminary report of the mechanical flight shows that the communication and other equipment installed at the airport have been found to be in order.
Prabin Neupane, head of ICP-II project at the airport, said that the initial report was satisfactory and after the final report, all the details about the devices would be known.
The construction of the airport has been done under two phases, including ICP-I (construction of physical infrastructure) and ICP-II (communication equipment installation).
Aero Thai Company, which was awarded the contract for ICP-II of the airport, carried out the calibration flights.

Neupane said the company was requested to provide two reports, internal and final, as soon as possible.
“After receiving both the reports, the process will be forwarded accordingly. Probably both the reports of mechanical flights will come within 15-20 days,” he said.
The 100-day plan has been underway from January 26 for the operation of the airport under the name ‘Mission Bhairahawa’.

Although the bodies under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation are working promptly, the works of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Finance Ministry are not visible in the field.
The airport was said to be operating from May 16. However, the work of setting up an immigration office under Home Ministry and customs office under Finance Ministry has not been done yet.
General Manager Dahal said the work of setting up both the offices have already moved forward.

The targeted date for the operation of the airport is likely to be postponed, due to lack of coordination between the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and other ministries.
Dahal, on the other hand, said that a test flight would be conducted from the Airbus A330 of the Nepal Airlines Corporation on April 14, and also after the completion of ICAO certification.
Meanwhile, Aero Thai aircraft is conducting calibration flights at five more airports in Nepal, including Tribhuvan International Airport, Pokhara International Airport, Nepalgunj Airport, Biratnagar Airport and Simara Airport.

Source : TRN,