Call To Correct Information About Birthplace Of Buddha

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the misleading information about the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha in various text books of different countries needs to be corrected. “I would like to draw the attention of all concerned towards the reported continuation of misinformation about the birthplace of Budda, despite established facts that he was born in Lumbini of Nepal,” he said.
In a message today on the occasion of 2565th Buddha Jayanti, Buddha Parinirvana and Lubmini Day here today, he said that the teachings of Buddha continue to be relevant in today’s world to make peace durable through human consciousness and alert endeavours.
Expressing gratitude towards all those who contributed to bringing Lumbini to the present state by recognizing it as the source of Buddhist ideology, Prime Minister Oli referred to Nepal proposing celebration of Baisakh Day in 2021 in the international conference held in Vietnam in 2019 but could not materialize due to COVID-19.

Source : RSS,