Call to pay attention to child psychology

As educational institutions including schools and colleges remain shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has had direct impact on the children and youths. Though students in the urban centres have continued their education with online classes, students in the remote and rural parts of the country are deprived of it.
Hence this has affected not only their regular classes but also impacted their psychology. Considering this fact, the Unified All Nepal Teachers Association Central Working Committee has organized a three-day national talk programme on ‘COVID-19 and its impact and educational consultation’ that began on Saturday.
Speaking in the first session of the event, education campaigner Srimant Bhattarai said the current time was an important opportunity to provide children with some practical knowledge and skills. “As our education is not practical, it has forced youths to leave the country rather than take up agriculture as a profession,” he said.
He also emphasized on the need to understand child psychology to give them an atmosphere conducive for learning.
Scholar Dr Yogi Bikasananda suggested the government to develop a curriculum that helps students enhance their immunity system.
Central chair of the Association Shanker Adhikari said the event was organized considering all factors that are associated with students, teachers and guardians.
A total of 811 participants including students, teachers, guardians and experts attended the first day of the event held virtually.

Source : RSS,