Canal construction gains pace at Dodhara-Chadani after a hiatus of Mahakali treaty signing

A canal is to be constructed at Dodhara-Chadani in Kanchanpur after a hiatus of two-and-a-half decades of the signing of the Mahakali Treaty between Nepal and India.

Nepal has initiated preparation to construct the canal after 27 years of the treaty.

According to the Mahakali Treaty, India was obliged to provide Nepal 350 cu sec water for irrigation at Dodhara-Chadani. For this, India has to construct a 1,100-meter long canal from the Sharada canal to Nepali border. But, the canal India has to construct is yet to be ascertained.

Nepal has started preparation to construct its canal at Dodhara-Chadani this year. India has remained hesitant to provide water for irrigation to Dodara-Chadani from the Sharada Canal even after 27 years have elapsed since the Treaty was signed.

Also, India has to construct other structures along the 1,100-meter-long canal on Nepal-India border.

Though the project has started constructing the third phase of Mahakali irrigation project from Brahmadev region since one and a half decade ago, the issue of building canal at Dodhara-Chadani has not received due priority.

Senior Divisional Engineer of the Mahakali Irrigation Project Third Phase Shanbhu Pandit said preparation has been made to construct the canal of Nepali side this year. “Indian side has however not made any move to construct the canal and other structures as per its obligation”, he added. (RSS)