Candidature For The Post Of District Chair Announced

Two leaders have announced their candidacies for the post of district president for the upcoming 14th general convention of the Nepali Congress.

The party’s current vice-president Ram Kattel and outgoing vice-president Deuman Thebe have informed that they will run for the post.

According to party president Uddhav Thapa, more than 16,000 active members have been recommended for renewal and 17,000 new members enlisted from the district.

He said that even though the two leaders announced their candidature for the post of district chair, an initiative was being taken to select the leadership by consensus.

“We select the leadership from the ward to the municipality, district and province level by consensus and cooperation.

Its main basis is loyalty, sacrifice and dedication to strengthen the party’s organization, “he said. Vote only happens if that is not possible.

Thapa completed two terms as the district chair and has announced his candidature for the post of central member of the party.

Source : RSS,