Cardamom Farmers Attracted Towards Mechanization

The cardamom farmers here have been attracted towards mechanization to save time and reduce cost in the production of cash crop.

Coordinator of Cardamom Bloc Operators’ Committee, Jivan Bhandari, has informed that the farmers were adopting both the traditional skills and new technology to reap utmost benefit from the cardamom plantation.

The government has encouraged farmers to use agricultural tools and machines with grant scheme. Coordinator Bhandari shared that 12 cardamom farmers were provided mini tillers at 50 percent discount last week. It is under the Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project.

The Agriculture Knowledge Centre here distributed the mini tillers to the farmers. The farmers got the mechanical ploughs at Rs 26,000 to each. Even the seedling, irrigation facility, furnace to dry cardamom and tarpaulin are provided at 85 percent discount.

There is commercial farming of cardamom at Chauraha, Patlekhola, Todke, Jyamire, Thaling, Bhaise of Galkot Municipality Ward No 1 and Chamuwa, Kharuwa, Nuwakot and others of Ward No 2. There are some 250 farmers from the wards involving in the cardamom plantation.

“The spice is produced in 10 hectares of land. Last year, the produce measured 15 quintals,” said Bhandari, adding that it is sold at Rs 600 per kg. Some amount of the cardamom is exported to foreign countries as well.

Although Galkot began cardamom farming since 2054BS, its collective farming began in 2072BS. The plantation was only in pocket area in the initial three years while it is now in bloc. Proposal has been forwarded to conduct cardamom zone by incorporating Tarakhola and Jaimini municipalities in the district.

Similarly, the Agriculture Knowledge Centre said that it was providing skill, technology and grants to the farmers for modernization of agriculture. Mechanization has also been adopted in fruits and vegetable farming as well. The mechanization has helped elevate farmers’ status from subsistence farming.

The agriculture group, cooperatives and individual farmers are getting the agricultural tools from the Knowledge Centre. The government bodies have paid attention to the skills in farmers, their capacity building and transfer of knowledge.

Source : RSS,