Cash And Medical Supplies Handed Over To Flood-Affected Families

Residents of Tarakhola, who have reached Japan for employment, have provided cash relief of Rs. 700,000 to the flood-affected families in the village.

The relief money collected through Tarakhola Samaj Japan was handed over to 35 families in all five wards of the village municipality on Saturday.

There are two families in Ward No. 1, 11 in Ward No. 2, 14 in Ward No. 3, two in Ward No. 4 and five in Ward No. 5. The society has stated that a minimum of Rs 5,000 to a maximum of Rs 120,000 has been provided to a family.

Chair of the rural municipality Prakash Gharti and others jointly provided relief money in the program organized by the locally formed Tarakhola Society.

According to Ganesh Karki, secretary of the committee, the society has also provided video X-ray, analyzer and other medical equipment worth Rs. 800,000 for the Health Post in Ward No. 3.

The society had earlier deposited Rs. 1.4 million in the disaster fund of the village municipality. Rural Municipality Chair Gharti said that the role played by Nepali migrants for their village was commendable.

He reminded that the society has been supporting the development campaign since the disaster in the village. Along with Tarakhola, Galkot, Lekhani Samaj Japan and other organizations started by Nepali expatriates are active in humanitarian work.

Source : RSS,