CCMC Recommends Shutting Down Schools

A meeting of the COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre (CCMC) Saturday advised the government for taking decision to shut down schools and academic institutions in urban areas of the country as new variant of COVID-19 virus was confirmed.
“Discussions have been held on various agendas as per the proposals that have from various quarters to issue strict measures of health protocols to minimise the risk of new variant and the specific decisions will be made by next Cabinet meeting,” Secretary and coordinator of CCMC Khagaraj Baral said.
“Some 22-23 proposals have been tabled and discussions held today among the stakeholders to advise the government to take concrete decisions by issuing stern health protocols in the academic and business sectors,” he said.
Today’s meeting has also recommended the government to implement alternative teaching and learning methods in the urban academic institutions to reduce the risk of the virus, he said.
Duration for adopting alternative teaching-learning method in the urban school and college will depend upon the Cabinet meeting’s decision which will be held on Monday (April 19), according to Baral. Nightlife activities and businesses will be regulated heavily and strict health measures will be issued by revising the past health protocols, according to him. Strict monitoring provisions will be given a high priority for this, he said.
Analysing the infection rates and its seriousness, the government may also take decision to lock down some areas, Secretary Baral said.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Friday stated that the local governments could close or open school in coordination with the District Covid-19 Crisis Management Committee.
The Ministry of Health and Population has already requested with guardians of 14 districts not to send their children to school because those districts are in high-risk of infection.