Chairman Prachanda Pledges To Fight Against Wrong Trend Of Democratic Movement

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Chairperson of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Prachanda-Nepal faction, Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that they would launch a strong protest and fight against the dissolution of House of Representatives (HoR).

Extending tribute to the senior communist leader Khamba Singh Kunwar today, he expressed the belief that they would get inspiration from Kunwar to strongly fight against the wrong trend of the democratic movement.

He further said that he received encouragement from guardians like Kunwar for party unification.

Chair Prachanda opined, “Late Kunwar’s contribution, the sacrifice would always remain with the communist movement as an inspiration to face the current situation.”

Saying a new turning has surfaced in NCP and political movement, he expressed the commitment to change the grief over the death of Kunwar into power in this difficult situation.

The NCP Chair had taken membership of NCP’s fourth general convention from Kunwar in 2033 BS at a time when he was a teacher at Arughat of Gorkha.

Former Prime Minister Prachanda said, “I am now in this place due to Kunwar’s contribution in his life as a guardian as well as the guardian of the communist movement.” Kunwar’s final rites would be performed today itself.

Earlier, a condolence message jointly issued by the party Chairs Prachanda and Madhav Kumar Nepal was readout. Chair Prachanda garlanded the body of Kunwar. Born on Baishakh 10, 1984 BS at the then Thansingh Bangre VDC-7 of Lumjung, Kunwar died in course of treatment at Bharatpur Hospital this morning. Kunwar was currently living at Bharatpur Metropolitan City-10.

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