Chame-Besisahar Road Section In Sorry State

The only land route to link the district of Manang is disrupted for months during this monsoon due to flood-induced disasters.    
The landslides and flooding caused in this rainy season has damaged almost 35 kilometres of route in Lamjung side.

In some points, the local governments facilitated the Road Division Office to resume the vehicular movement but recurring flood and landslides have affected the maintenance of bridges and roads.    
Officials said that vehicular movement is still not in service in many of the routes.

As the vehicular movement on the way to Manang is not in service, the locals, officials and travelers have suffered a lot while supplies of goods to the district is severely affected.

With this, the price of commodities has become too high. Some makeshift wooden bridges have been set up in different places on the rivers and local streams along the Besisahar-Chame road section.

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