Chances of stable govt slim, warns Oli

Chairman of CPN (UML) KP Sharma Oli does not see a stable government forming from the November 20 elections.

“Based on the latest results, we can say that it will be hard to form a government and if one is formed, it will be harder to keep it from toppling,” he said in his constituency of Jhapa 5.

Going door to door to thank his voters, the former Prime Minister said that the outcome of Sunday’s polls was a sign of the instability the nation was about to experience. However, he asked the people to have faith in his party and trust it to keep the country out of crisis.

“We promise you that we will not let Nepalis suffer,” he said, adding that UML would prevent politics from becoming a dirty game.

However, he lamented that he could not witness the “exhilarating” support he found in Jhapa elsewhere in the country. “We have seen misuse of power and voting fraud in some places which must be impartially investigated,” he demanded.

Source : TRN,