Changunarayan Municipality To Build First Physical Fitness Park In Tathali

Changunarayan municipality is all set to build first-ever gym and physical fitness park at Tathali.

The sports ground along with physical fitness park is to be constructed at ward no. 9 of the municipality so that it would be easier for the locals to do regular physical and fitness exercise.

The municipality has come up with the idea when the open space and sports ground are being shrunk with growing urbanization. T

he park is going to be constructed in the land stretching over four ropanis of land of Saudole of Tathali at the cost around Rs 400,000.

In this connection, Changunarayan-9 has appropriated budget for the park construction. Budget was allotted for the purpose in the fiscal year 2076/77 BS. Users’ committee was already formed to take ahead the construction works last year but the lockdown against coronavirus affected the process.

The plan now is taking momentum now. The park will have equipment to be used for physical exercise of body and parts and general sports events.

The park is to be constructed focusing on youth and senior citizens and is expected to keep physical wellbeing of the residents of the municipality, said ward chair Ganesh Tyat.

Users’ committee chair Bikas Basukala said the public land is being leveled up for the construction of the park.

“We have imported equipment from China with the relaxation of lockdown. The park will be constructed soon”, he added.

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