Chaunri Festival In Tinsimana On New Year

A Chaunri festival is being held in Tinsimana of Falelung rural municipality-4 of Paanchthar district on the occasion of New Year 2078. The festival is being organized by local organisations promoting Chaunri or mountain cow farming and tourism, with the financial support of the rural municipality.

The festival is being organized every year since the past four years at Tinsimana, which is located on the Nepal-India bordering region. The festival will be held on Baisakh 1, the first day of the New Year in the lunar calendar.

Various species of Chaunri and other goods and item related to the mountain cow will be the major attraction of the festival, said organising committee secretary Sunil Bantawa. The major objective of the festival is to promote commercial farming of Chaunri and support eco-tourism in the region.

Along with Chaunri, Yak and its various species will also be put on display while the visitors can enjoy Yak and horse ride. Medical herbs and plants, and local delicacies as well as other local products will be on display and sale during the festival.

The area is also known for sightseeing of India, Nepal and Bhutan and is home to the religious pilgrimage site, Gorakhdham. The festival was not held last year, owing to outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Source : RSS,