Check-Up At Home For Pregnant, Postpartum Women

 In a bid to curb the coronavirus infection risks, health check-ups for pregnant and lactating women as well as newborns have started at their home in Kalikot district.

Health professionals have started providing the service because they are at elevated risk of the resurging pandemic. Pregnant women are asked to come to the health institutions to check the condition of the fetus up to four times during pregnancy.

The first vaccination is given 35 days after the delivery of the baby. However, with the spread of the coronavirus, all health facilities but Coronavirus Special Hospital and Isolation Room have remained closed.

Health assistant Pabitra Shahi, who works at Bharta Health Post in Shubhakalika Rural Municipality-3, has been visiting the homes of pregnant and lactating women to check their health.

She said that they had started checking the pregnant and lactating mothers and their babies at home as there is an increased risk of infection in the health institutions and that the service was being provided to 20 households daily.

At first, the health professionals will check the baby’s size and weight. Then they will hand iron capsules to the pregnant woman. Then, they will get information about their health condition.

If any symptom of COVID-19 is seen, tests are done to ascertain the presence of coronavirus, and then other needful are done. Shubhakalika Rural Municipality has directed the health professionals to take such service to all of its wards.

Village executive member Hire Sunar said that the meeting of the municipality has decided to provide the enhanced health services at home and that health workers have been mobilised to provide door-to-door service to the pregnant and lactating women, as well as to newborns.